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Cry of African Lions

25 Oct

Two of us lonely in a prison,
Wandering in a space so limited,
Missing the fun of the wild African forests,
Losing our friends so dear and near.

Bustling and hustling city kills our serenity,

African Lions

African Lions

Clicks and flashes, the cheer of Men we need not,
Tranquility of the forest is what we want,
The chase for a game and all the fun seems to be lost.

We were born to be wild, to be ferocious among beasts,
Men once used to fear us though no harm we bore,
Those days seems to be gone, when we played in open grass.
The army of Zebras, the Baboons and the meerkats all lost.

Give us some sunshine, Give us some space,
We want to be wild again,
We want to play again,
In that wild heaven called Africa.