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5 Nov

By tonyg,

Mistakes in my life have caused me pain within,ilovejesus
I spent many sleepless nights feeling sorry for my sin,
One night into my heart gentle words said to me,
Let your heart not be troubled, I have set you free,
Remember that I love you just for being you,
My love is everlasting, Divinely Merciful and True,
Place your trust in Me and wipe away your tears,
My eternal love will fill you and conquer all of your fears,
At times daily struggles pull me from side to side,
Some battles have been lost, indulging in selfish pride,
I feel great sadness knowing that sin keeps us apart,
Once again those words of comfort echo in my heart,
Remember that I love you just for being you,
My love is everlasting, Divinely Merciful and True,
Many times you have strayed but I love you just the same,
When trouble finds you once again call upon My name,
Trust in My Mercy always as you journey on your way,
Repent and My Divine Mercy will wash your sins away,
Remember that I love you just for being you,
My love is everlasting, Divinely Merciful and true,
All that I ask is that you place your trust in Me,
Sin and death were conquered upon the cross on Calvary!

Love an ultimate feeling

16 Aug

It’s a wonderful feeling, to be in Love and to be Loved,Couple
Far better than the carnal attractions of the flesh,
Far better than any desires of the heart,
Far better than worldly glories,
Far better than any pleasures.

The Creator of Love himself is eternal,
He is the goal of all hearts that are in Love,
He is the confidence of all those wish for Love,
He is the treasure of all those who wish to be in Love.

Love is an art, a concept beyond imagination,
Subject of many poets, content for many playwrights,
Fascination of many thinkers,
Theme of infinite movies.

Love is the sole reason for which He was crucified,
Love is the sole reason for human existence,
Love is the sole reason for eternal covenant,
Love is the sole reason for human progress.

Love is the bond between parents and children,
Love is the union between Husband and wife,
Love is the force that governs the world,
Love is the power that controls all beasts.

I call you friends said he,
There is no greater Love than a man dying for he`s friend proved he,
Oh Divine Master full of Love,
Praise and Glory to you forever and ever.

The Girl I Love

25 May

By Prajapathi Bhat

Her Eyes fills my world with Joy,
Her Innocence lifts my spirit,
Her Smile fascinates my being.

Who is she? Who is she? Answers I find not,
Was she really chosen by God for me? I know not,
What a beautiful experience it is to be in Love,
What a Wonderful feeling to grow in Love

Oh my Sweet Wife, you know not how much I Love you,’
Though I may not be flamboyant or blatant,
But my Love for you is till death,
My commitment towards you is for eternity.

I remember the moments when we approached the altar,
I cherish the instant when the priest pronounced us Husband and Wife,
I admire the time we went through trials and test,
I regret the force that made me doubt.

However and whatever, my Loyalty towards you is forever,
As the Bible puts it ‘What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder’,
Let`s pray Together, Stay Together,
Till one day in heaven as Angels we see him face to face.