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To a Bengal Tiger

29 Oct

Ferocious looks, shiny eyes,royal_bengal_tiger_13782220263
Hidden beneath tall grass she crouches slowly,
The mere Blackbuck unaware of the predator,
Succumbs to its death in blink of an eye

The Royal Bengal Tiger with its majestic contours,
Wonders around the Sunderbans undefiled ,
With large paws and claws,
Truly you are the Rambo of the jungle

You once threatened any man`s existence,
Today you are so few and need assistance,
Oh those beautiful days you do recall,
When you had land which no man could own

We see you animatronic everywhere,
From Movies to Malls your facsimile exists,
Hardly do men worry about your welfare,
Though you are endangered and need our care

To a Laborer

21 Oct

Oh Laborer of a desert city,
You toil day and night without rest,
Doing your best to build the city that never rests,
From the tallest to the smartest towers your hand exists,
But seldom people recognise that you even subsist

Short sleepless nights, to long working hours,
Weekends or weekdays are no different to you,
No worldly pleasure only dreams of a bright future,
Cold winter and hot summer are all that you enjoy,
Oh God does see your plight and shall give you rest

Some never survive to tell the tale,
Weakness, hopelessness kill their being,
Only some survive to see the face of their loved ones,
Oh what a joy to see their Papa, Husband, Son back,
Joy and Glory greater than a valiant soldier from war

With lot of dreams did they arrive at this land,
Many did realise their dreams to see their kids prosper,
Some admire this land compared to their own,
Many are desperate wanting to go back to their loved ones,
Oh Laborer, we honour you and pray for you

All in a Train

6 Sep

All in a train we go, all in a train,
A toddler in his father’s arm,
Babbling sounds no one can perceive,


Pointing at everyone with glee,
Till his father kisses his cheek with joy

Two young couples standing besides,
Delighting in the innocence of the toddler,
Dreaming they too would have one soon,
Desiring for the gift yet to be conceived

Two engaged lovers on the other side,
Looking at each other with piercing looks,
A joy on their face of future yet unseen,
Gazing with love yet to be fulfilled

An old man standing besides,
Staring at the toddler with nostalgia,
Reckoning the days when he too had one,
While focusing on the final glory ahead

A bachelor sitting nearby,
Enjoying the gentle actions of the toddler,
While at the same time visualising about his unseen princess,
Till one day he finds her to be bonded in an eternal covenant till death