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Cry of Heavenly Birds

12 Sep

I see some birds Myna, Bulbul and Laughing Dove,077
Searching something they loved,
Is it food or a friend or a nest,
Or some lost world full of green fest

Then i hear them cry who is it that destroyed our world,
Is it an Armageddon, Are we the only survivors,
Where are the rest, our friends, our dear and near ones,
Are they alive or are they dead, Oh Almighty are they safe

Our playgrounds are gone,
The green we wandered to collect our food no longer found,
Surely something must have went wrong,
Of which we know nothing now

I spot a pigeon landing swiftly among them,
I hear it say, they are planning to build a museum,
Who are they i wonder,
What museum they want to build the birds ponder

Then i see a man with his axe at the far end,
The birds quail with a loud yell,
Oh human if only you would know the pain of losing ones nest,
You build only to lose more and more of thine rest

Laughing Dove

9 May

Laughing Dove, laughing all the way,
R0laughing-dovetund head, pink feathers, lovely beak,
Hu hu hoo you laugh throughout,
Suprised by your laughter the pigeons have grown envious of your ways.

Your frail constitution gives advantage to the Pigeons,
They chase you while you are munching the grains,
But you seldom care the mighty Pigeons and claim your share,
Eating merely on the leftover grains you gain strength for the day.

In various forms and colors you exists everywhere,
On high rooftops to low grasslands your laughter spreads throughout,
From wandering ships to dense forest you are a surprise visitor,
Always in pursuit of happiness and laughter you fly throughout.

Pleasure of twitchers life, Oh lovely Dove,
Because of your laughter I am convinced of God`s ultimate providence,
My God, I believe, I adore, I hope, and I love You.
I ask pardon for those who do not believe, do not adore, do not hope, and do not love You.