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Kodachadri, a trekker`s paradise

4 Sep

Kodachadri, a trekker`s paradise

As we all know, kodachadri is a popular trekking spot for trekker`s all over Karnataka. We recently had a chance to visit this beautiful God`s own creation. After a month of planning and Google search we finally began on our journey to Kodachadri on a summer day. Summer season is excellent for trekking Kodachadri as there will be less leeches and rain.

We started from Udupi at 7:40 am to Kollur via Kundapur-Vandse. Kollur is another popular religious place in particular for its temple. After some purchase of eatables at Kollur we boarded bus to Sagar at 11:45 am. Kodachadri falls in between the route to Sagar at around 20kms from Kollur.

We got down at Kodachadri Trek start point, its around 10 kms of trek to reach the summit from there. Just after 2kms of trek some of us were attacked by leeches and had fun teasing each other on the issue. Actually none of us was spared by leeches! After 4 kms we came across a small hut-shop where we had good taste of Lemon soda. After a refreshing drink we started again to halt for lunch at a government school at 1 km from hut-shop.

After a heavy lunch we purchased lemon grass oil to protect us from further leech attacks at a hotel cum shop near the school. Next 5 kms of our trek would be to climb the mountain admist thick forest. The path is often trodden and not lonely as there are Butter Milk camps every 1 km on the mountain. We often took rest here and there for every half hour of trekking.

At around 4:30 we reached the temple which is around 2 kms below the kodachadri summit. Here we filled our water bottles and after splashing some water of temple pond, we started again. It was thick mist as we were near to Kodachadri summit. The visibility was poor, but somehow reached the summit at around 6:00.

At top we had fun with camp fire and eatables. We also met a couple of co-trekkers from various parts of country. The night was very cold and we all slept under the shelter of ‘sarvagna theertha’ small temple built in memory of Shankaracharya. The next day we started off at 8:00 am. The journey down was easy and we got a bus from Kodachari trek start point at around 11:30. It was one of the most cherished Trek of us all.