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George`ji Uncle and his sons

26 Sep

Adding ji to a name is a common practice in most Indian languages. This story is about George uncle or George`ji uncle. He had the usual South Indian mustache and dark complexion. He had two sons Frodo and Bilbo(I know, I took it from Tolkien’s books!). Both were not good at studies. George`ji uncle worked as a laborer in a popular Gulf city. He used to get 3 months holidays every 2 years. He always wanted his sons to study well and not end up being a laborer in a Gulf City but his sons disliked his discipline and were more interested in play than study.

Photo by Bling Mansion on Pexels.com

Years passed by and Bilbo was in his 10th grade, an important juncture in a student`s life. Bilbo as usual neglected his studies and was more into other social activities. He failed to get the passing marks, this made George`ji uncle very sad but still he had hopes on his son. He made him rewrite the exam but to no avail. Finally he made him do an auto mechanic course which had good scope in gulf during those days. Bilbo happily joined the mechanic course but soon discovered that it demanded a lot of physical stamina. Bilbo had no option but to pursue this else he would have to try to pass 10th grade. He decided to pursue it anyways at the same time being rueful of not clearing the 10th grade. Bilbo finished his training and ended up getting a low paying job in the same Gulf city his father worked.

Years passed by and Frodo too was in his 10th grade. Unlike his brother Bilbo, Frodo managed to clear the 10th grade particularly aware of the consequences otherwise. This made George`ji happy and he enrolled him into a good college. Frodo did well there too and completed his graduation in the same college in Business Administration. Frodo had one problem though, he never really understood what he learnt, he just by-hearted the entire chapters and managed to get the passing marks. This made him totally unfit for the job market in his area of niche. Georg`ji uncle learnt of this and was unhappy again. Frodo couldn`t speak English well, hence he ended up as sales person in a Book shop where he was asked to clean the shop toilets too.

Years passed by and Georg`ji uncle hit retirement age and could no longer carry on working in his current job. He resigned for good. Back home whenever he used to think of his sons his temper would flare and he would shout at Frodo and over phone to Bilbo. Gradually like most Indian men he was diagnosed with heart disease. Doctors suggested him an bypass surgery. Unfortunately Georg`ji did not live long, his bypass surgery was a failure and he succumbed to death. This made Frodo and Bilbo anxious, both knew what their father wanted of them. Frodo finally got a job in another Gulf city in an multinational company and Bilbo somehow managed to change his job. Frodo grew rich and mastered the art of living. He married a beautiful educated women from his neighborhood, similarly Bilbo too changed his job and he too got married.

Years passed by now both of Georg`ji uncles son were doing good. What uncle couldn’t achieve when he was alive he did it through his death. Pride of life and lust of eyes took hold of Frodo and he slowly grew to be an arrogant person. He in particular forgot the people who helped him grow. Bilbo remained humble and had the same sober attitude whenever he came to his home town on holidays. Frodo`s arrogance became increasingly irritating to his friends and neighbors. His recluse out of Pride whenever he visited people back home made his neighbors dislike him. Then suddenly the Global pandemic struck, Frodo lost his job. His richness, pride and lust couldn’t help him now. He underwent depression and hung himself up!

Common man`s fate

30 Jan

All trials and troubles he bore without fuming and fretting,
All financial miseries with happiness,
Never did he waste a single instant,
Simple man was he full of joyousness

His youth spent in easing food and shelter for his children,
He wasted his life for their  delights
Keeping nothing for himself of any man`s gem,
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication he naturalized

He had time for God and family,
Even in his old age he sang with a divine voice,
He spent his time doing handicrafts and things auxiliary,
Never did he check his bank correspondence

Was he a junk, was he a sceptic,
Was he a failure in worlds sight,
Was he a hero in God`s metric,
Common man was he by right

The world honors men with richness,
Seldom do we check their moral wellness,
But divine majesty has no favorites,
We are honored based on our deeds and goodness

References: “Laxman with common man” by RKL-Info – Personal Collection. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Laxman_with_common_man.jpg#/media/File:Laxman_with_common_man.jpg