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To a Little Myna

6 Jun

“Common Mynah on a tree.” by Vimal Ram S – Own work

Little Myna on a tree,
With sweet chirps of wee,
From one tone to another it changes it tee,
As if part of an orchestra of infinite zee

It`s unaware that its melodies fill the onlookers with glee,
Many wonder of its magical voice spree,
With yellow mask around its eyes of bee,
It moves around with infinite gee

In various colors and looks you fee,
Common Brown Myna to colorful see,
Inspiration of a singer lee,
Your constant singing spreads melodies of glee

Then I spot three near a restaurant pre,
Hunting for food from leftover ghee,
Filling each others beak as with angelic gee,
Refilling their belly with God’s given Manna free