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To a Sparrow

12 May

SparrowAmong the bush, I see a little dweller,
Cute and lovely looks of old world settler,
Small constitution but smart execution,
Oh, Sparrow, we all love you

On the grass beneath you hop your way,
Left and right you look with gay,
You stop and give a high-pitched chirp,
That melodious short chirp we all love

Scavenging for food around with your tiny beak,
From small insects to virtually anything you eat quick,
You have transformed yourself from a seed-eater,
But nevermind, still we love you

A lot of solaces we do get by your looks,
By your cute actions, we are hooked,
Lost in this world are we,
But you remind us that life is still lovely

To a Cuckoo

26 Jan
Asian Koel of Cuckoo Family

Asian Koel of Cuckoo Family

Long I have heard your voice, that melodious voice,
Koo-Ooo Koo-Ooo, Koo-Ooo Koo-Ooo,
Theme of popular poets and tune of famous movies,
Oh wandering voice I love thee, though never have I seen thee

Once in my In-Laws house, I happened to see you,
Perched on a tree, gazing left and right,
Infinite joy filled my heart,
Of finally perceiving the voice I so long enjoyed

Perfect black beauty with long tail,
Dark crimson eyes staring right at me,
Grey feet and bill grey cum greenish pale,
You adorable Cuckoo, how lovely though art

Back to my daily chores I am now, Of monotony and strain,
Whenever I am drenched by Life`s pains,
I recall to mind that beautiful day I perceived you,
Like a mild medicine, you relive me

Your vision gives me the energy to restart every day anew,
Koo-Ooo Koo-Ooo, God is everywhere you confirm,
Blessed be his name for all eternity,
For creating nature and life so precious


5 Nov

By tonyg,

Mistakes in my life have caused me pain within,ilovejesus
I spent many sleepless nights feeling sorry for my sin,
One night into my heart gentle words said to me,
Let your heart not be troubled, I have set you free,
Remember that I love you just for being you,
My love is everlasting, Divinely Merciful and True,
Place your trust in Me and wipe away your tears,
My eternal love will fill you and conquer all of your fears,
At times daily struggles pull me from side to side,
Some battles have been lost, indulging in selfish pride,
I feel great sadness knowing that sin keeps us apart,
Once again those words of comfort echo in my heart,
Remember that I love you just for being you,
My love is everlasting, Divinely Merciful and True,
Many times you have strayed but I love you just the same,
When trouble finds you once again call upon My name,
Trust in My Mercy always as you journey on your way,
Repent and My Divine Mercy will wash your sins away,
Remember that I love you just for being you,
My love is everlasting, Divinely Merciful and true,
All that I ask is that you place your trust in Me,
Sin and death were conquered upon the cross on Calvary!

To a Bengal Tiger

29 Oct

Ferocious looks, shiny eyes,royal_bengal_tiger_13782220263
Hidden beneath tall grass she crouches slowly,
The mere Blackbuck unaware of the predator,
Succumbs to its death in blink of an eye

The Royal Bengal Tiger with its majestic contours,
Wonders around the Sunderbans undefiled ,
With large paws and claws,
Truly you are the Rambo of the jungle

You once threatened any man`s existence,
Today you are so few and need assistance,
Oh those beautiful days you do recall,
When you had land which no man could own

We see you animatronic everywhere,
From Movies to Malls your facsimile exists,
Hardly do men worry about your welfare,
Though you are endangered and need our care

Kerala, Truly God`s Own Country!

16 Jan

By Prajapathi Bhat
Just back from an exotic Kerala Tour, a must visit place if you like  ecotourism.

Day 1: Arrived at Edappally in Cochin City at around 5:30 am. Nilgiri TahrMet Mr. Ebin(+919567252680) who would be our Guide Cum Driver. Our First Destination was Munnar, En-Route Visited ‘Deepa’ spice Garden Where we learnt about Kerala`s popular spice which include  cardamom, Black Pepper, Asafoetida , White pepper, Clove and Ginger. Then proceeded for a Adventure at Fun Forest Adventure at Pallivasal in Munnar like Burma Bridge, Earth Quake. It was quite fun. Pallivasal has also got  Kathakali and Kalari shows. we booked the tickets and headed to check in hotel ‘C7‘. After a refreshing bath headed to Kathakali show at 5:00 pm and Kalari at 6:00 pm. Both performances were amazing. Kalari is a traditional Martial Art practiced in Kerala.

Day 2Left the Hotel at around 9:00 am after a heavy breakfast and proceeded to Eravikulam National Park. It`s located amid beautiful Tea Plantation, also spotted a Nilgiri Tahr. Tea EstateFrom there we proceeded off-road to Kolukkumalai Tea Estate which hosts world`s highest grown Orthodox Tea plantations. The tea factory is an old British founded and still uses old machines and techniques for Tea processing. En-route also saw Harrisons Malayalam Estate, one of south India`s Largest Tea Producer. The tea mountain climb on a Mahindra Jeep was  a thrilling experience.  Once back spent some time shopping in Munnar town and headed back to the Hotel

Day 3: Checked out of the hotel at around 9:00 am and headed Periyartowards Thekkady for Periyar Tiger Reserve. En-route also went for a Ayurveda Massage at RangerWood near the Tiger Reserve. Though we got tickets for the Tiger reserve we couldn’t go for a boat cruise  in the Periyar lake which is the only main attraction as the tickets were sold out. We then headed for a musical fountain show at Blue Bell at around 7:00 pm. Once done checked in to Springdale Heriate Resort, Vandiperiyar which is beautiful resort with nice hospitality.

Day 4: After breakfast headed to Alappuzha backwaters for an overnight
Allepystay on ‘Grace Tours’ Houseboat with all meals included.
It started off at around 12:00 pm and headed towards Vambanad lake. Had a sumptuous meal there and moved forward for a halt near a small rivulet at 5:30 pm. Got an opportunity to step out of boat and explore the nature near by with lush green paddy fields.

Day 5: The boat began at 7:30 in the morning and headed towards the pickup point where Mr. Ebin would come to take us for on journey. Chineese Fishing NetsIt was a cool experience. At around 9:45 am left for Cochin. Checked in to ‘Harbour View Residency‘ which is exactly opposite to Cochin shipyard. In the evening went for shopping at Centre Square, Kochi.

Day 6: At around 9:00 am checked out of hotel towards Fort Kochi where one can see good old Chinese Fishing Nets. Also visited St. Francis CSI st. Francis CSI churchchurch in which Vasco Da Gama was initially buried. Then we headed for Boat Jetty ride at Marine drive with some views of huge Indian oil tanker ship, Cochin Shipyard and Bolgatty Palace and Island Resort. We headed towards Cherai Beach which is quite well maintained. At around 5:00 pm started journey back to drop point, en-route visited Lulu Mall which is quite huge and has everything you want to carry from Kerala as memories from Handicraft to Kerala Halwa.

Unity Among Diversity

7 Nov

By Prajapathi Bhat

I was just analysing the unity among Keralites as i live in a location whereKathakali majority of them are from Kerala. They speak the same language irrespective of caste, creed or religion i.e Malayalam. No matter how popular or how eminent the person may be, whether based in Canada, Dubai or US Keralites still love their language. Infact in the place where i work the top bosses speak in Malayalam with you if you are a Keralite. Unlike Most of the Indian states which have their own local dialects/languages Kerala boasts of unique heritage and culture

Commnunal Harmony: Incidents that happened in Gujrat or Mangalore regarding communal violence will rarely happen in Kerala as the roots of commnunalism will rarely find a reason to break their unity. Hence we find the popular communal party in India has not been able to secure a single position either in National or State election till now. Anyways this episode of communal harmony should be a modal to rest of Indians.

As i hail from Karnataka where most religions/regions have its own dialect/language i.e Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, Kodava Takk, Beary. Having so many languages become easy for communal forces and groups with diverse interest to hit the soft belly of National Integration. It is a agreed fact that both Karnataka and Kerala form part of India which is pluralistic, multilingual and multiethnic society. But lets not forget that Kerala is the most Socialy Progressive State in India

Literacy: Kerala has India`s highest literacy rate 99%. Access to Primary and Secondary education is available within 1 km for 96% of the population. It is the only state to have banking facility in every village. Also it is the least corrupt state in India!

Tourirsm: Kerala toursim is booming particulary after the Kerala GovernmentThrissur Pooram Tourism Initiative ‘Kerala-God`s own country’. The tagline God`s own country has become synonym with Kerala these days. It has varied demographics and is named as “One of the ten paradises in the world” by National Geographic `s Traveller magazine. Hill stations include Munnar, Wayanad, Waga, Ponmudi and abundant wildlife sanctuaries at Periyar, Eravikulam. The backwaters, Boat Race and Heritage sites is quite popular among tourists. Also Thrissur Pooram with its display of elephants is another tourist attraction. Also Sabarimala attracts thousands of devotees all around India

Economy: Virtually all of Kerala is connected by roads. The Kerala Gulf boom is
snake boat race well-known and equals to majority of remittances to state. Kerala boasts of 3 international airports Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. The Cochin international airport is the first indian airport to be incorporated as a public limited company. Kerala’s rate of population growth is India’s lowest. Kerala has the highest life expectancy in the country which is nearly 75 years and 78 years respectively for males and females. Also male to female ratio is significantly higher than the rest of india.

Sports: Kerala contribution to sports apart from cricket is notable.
P.T.Usha(athlete), Shiny Wilson(athlete), K.M.Beenamol(athlete), M. D. Valsamma(athlete), Anju Bobby George(long jump) and Suresh Babu(long jump). Jimmy George was an eminent Volleyball player, rated in his prime as among the world`s ten best players.

Kodachadri, a trekker`s paradise

4 Sep

Kodachadri, a trekker`s paradise

As we all know, kodachadri is a popular trekking spot for trekker`s all over Karnataka. We recently had a chance to visit this beautiful God`s own creation. After a month of planning and Google search we finally began on our journey to Kodachadri on a summer day. Summer season is excellent for trekking Kodachadri as there will be less leeches and rain.

We started from Udupi at 7:40 am to Kollur via Kundapur-Vandse. Kollur is another popular religious place in particular for its temple. After some purchase of eatables at Kollur we boarded bus to Sagar at 11:45 am. Kodachadri falls in between the route to Sagar at around 20kms from Kollur.

We got down at Kodachadri Trek start point, its around 10 kms of trek to reach the summit from there. Just after 2kms of trek some of us were attacked by leeches and had fun teasing each other on the issue. Actually none of us was spared by leeches! After 4 kms we came across a small hut-shop where we had good taste of Lemon soda. After a refreshing drink we started again to halt for lunch at a government school at 1 km from hut-shop.

After a heavy lunch we purchased lemon grass oil to protect us from further leech attacks at a hotel cum shop near the school. Next 5 kms of our trek would be to climb the mountain admist thick forest. The path is often trodden and not lonely as there are Butter Milk camps every 1 km on the mountain. We often took rest here and there for every half hour of trekking.

At around 4:30 we reached the temple which is around 2 kms below the kodachadri summit. Here we filled our water bottles and after splashing some water of temple pond, we started again. It was thick mist as we were near to Kodachadri summit. The visibility was poor, but somehow reached the summit at around 6:00.

At top we had fun with camp fire and eatables. We also met a couple of co-trekkers from various parts of country. The night was very cold and we all slept under the shelter of ‘sarvagna theertha’ small temple built in memory of Shankaracharya. The next day we started off at 8:00 am. The journey down was easy and we got a bus from Kodachari trek start point at around 11:30. It was one of the most cherished Trek of us all.