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Common man`s fate

30 Jan

All trials and troubles he bore without fuming and fretting,
All financial miseries with happiness,
Never did he waste a single instant,
Simple man was he full of joyousness

His youth spent in easing food and shelter for his children,
He wasted his life for their  delights
Keeping nothing for himself of any man`s gem,
Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication he naturalized

He had time for God and family,
Even in his old age he sang with a divine voice,
He spent his time doing handicrafts and things auxiliary,
Never did he check his bank correspondence

Was he a junk, was he a sceptic,
Was he a failure in worlds sight,
Was he a hero in God`s metric,
Common man was he by right

The world honors men with richness,
Seldom do we check their moral wellness,
But divine majesty has no favorites,
We are honored based on our deeds and goodness

References: “Laxman with common man” by RKL-Info – Personal Collection. Licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0 via Commons –


To a Desert

16 Jan

Beautiful it stands with vibrant colors,Agasthiyamalai_range_and_Tirunelveli_rainshadow
With a pinch of green and brown shades,
The tall vertebrates on its floor,
Like a mother with lovely kids,
Oh Desert of eternal gay,
Stay in front of my burning eyes for pleasure nay.

Feel like playing in your veranda,
Want to stay in your vicinity forever,
Oh don’t allow me to stray,
When in your company my soul learnt to pray,
Allow me to stay a bit longer,
Lest I die of wretchedness for nay.

Lord of my fantasies, pleasure of my eyes,
Your scape fills my heart with symptoms may,
Can I say a thank you for your wonderful ray,
Or pray for your long stay,
Allow me to do something to grow your beauty,
Let all the poor souls enjoy alike in you with gay.

Back to work I am now,
That pleasant experience of you has filled my inner eye with joy,
The pressures and tensions of immodest world kill the simple know-how,
Man has become indifferent to nature roy,
But one day you will be reborn with infallible strength,
There will be no more tears but joy forever in glory

References: Agasthiyamalai range and Tirunelveli rainshadow” by w:user:PlaneMad – Photo by w:user:PlaneMad. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Commons

To a Grandparent

9 Jan

“The Favorite” – Grandfather and Grandson(from Wikimedia Commons)

It’s been ten years since his life came to an end,
But seldom has those thoughts crossed our mind,
About the beautiful moments that he gave us,
About the delicious food that he used to get us

We have forgotten how his funds helped us sustain,
The moments of laughter and joy that our lives stained,
His presence was a sufficient guard at night,
It’s ten years since his mortal face went out of sight

We really loved and enjoyed his company,
The stories of his narration aroused symphony,
Our curious questions he often answered,
All seems yesterday, but ten years since death captured

Life is short, make most of it seems true today,
Yesterday with its opportunities and promises has gone away,
Today is due with all its troubles and tribulations
Oh its ten years since his death without expectations