Ship of Eternity

7 Nov

On a ship of eternity do we ride,Jesus_christ-6
The waves are full of Love from heavenly sight,
The day light is Jesus himself, our eternal guide,
Oh how sweet the journey of eternal might,
Nothing to fear, nothing to lose since we  in Jesus hands,
Our righteous deeds will be written in golden sands

From one ecstasy to another we move at the speed of light,
No more temptations of earthly misery,
As we are safe with heavenly light,
Jesus shall be our lasting remedy,
Bonded are we to him with love for eternity,
Because Jesus is now part of our fraternity

Lust and lunacy of the mortal world no longer has power,
Since now we are citizens of heaven,
What a repose, what a freedom for our soul in eternal shower,
For this is our true home forever,
The beautiful breeze of sanctity, the pure waves of virtues,
Fills one’s soul with God’s eternal statues

No more disturbing thoughts, no more demons and his temptations,
Oh how wonderful it is to be here,
The pains and sacrifices from earlier life has brought salvation,
Thank you Jesus, the élite rejoice,
For the battle is well over and the victory regained,
For we are his children now and forever once again

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