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To An Egret

28 Nov

Amidst paddy fields of green I stand,IMG_0648
Beautiful white Egrets I find,
Some small, some large as they walk with pride,
Lovely Egrets joy of Twitcher eye

Without any pomp and glamour you arrive,
Not uttering a word you wander,
You help the poor cows free their leeches,
Till done you pluck them all with your beak tall

So common a visitor you are in paddy fields,
The villagers seldom care about your presence,
I too was once ignorant of your beauty,
Till my inner eye valued your presence

IMG_0516Now far away from your company I stay,
Among the tallest and beautiful buildings of clay,
When overworked and need a lay,
I remember your presence in the green where once I stayed

Come Oh Egret now with your white beauty,
Remove every leech of lust and misery, From my frail self,
Treat me like those poor cows waiting for your return,
So that like them I too will be free from lust and miseries

The Afterlife Hymn

14 Nov

Are the dead ones lost and gone forever,new-jerusalem1
Isn’t there Heaven and Hell for them,
Surely there must be a place of revere,
Surely there must be a place of stain,
Some shall be purified by fire saith he,
Because imperfectness shall not enter heaven by his blood proved He

If Hell was temporary then no moral law implies,
The blood of martyr oozed in vain,
Our good deeds are nothing but waste ties,
Evil would be crowned with fame,
Good and Holy life would be just another choice,
The evil with all his misdeeds would rejoice

Heaven and Hell are real for eternity,
The evil shall be thrown in deep fit of fire and worms,
The fire will be never put off and worms never die infinity,
The demons shall tempt them forever in their norms,
There will be darkness and constant cry,
But no one to console since we are at odds with God and bound to die

Heaven is the final place where we should all be,
The repose never ends and pleasure never subdues,
Because God himself is our sweet pleasure for being,
The greatest pleasures of infinity shall we enjoy in abundance,
No more thirst, no more hunger,
For we are free and shall overcome every blunder

It is we who choose our destiny,
Lust and other sins we take for granted do have effect,
Because in Heaven there is no mutiny,
In Purgatory the souls call for Elect,
Oh let’s then give heed to our inner voice,
So that in Heaven we rejoice

Ship of Eternity

7 Nov

On a ship of eternity do we ride,Jesus_christ-6
The waves are full of Love from heavenly sight,
The day light is Jesus himself, our eternal guide,
Oh how sweet the journey of eternal might,
Nothing to fear, nothing to lose since we  in Jesus hands,
Our righteous deeds will be written in golden sands

From one ecstasy to another we move at the speed of light,
No more temptations of earthly misery,
As we are safe with heavenly light,
Jesus shall be our lasting remedy,
Bonded are we to him with love for eternity,
Because Jesus is now part of our fraternity

Lust and lunacy of the mortal world no longer has power,
Since now we are citizens of heaven,
What a repose, what a freedom for our soul in eternal shower,
For this is our true home forever,
The beautiful breeze of sanctity, the pure waves of virtues,
Fills one’s soul with God’s eternal statues

No more disturbing thoughts, no more demons and his temptations,
Oh how wonderful it is to be here,
The pains and sacrifices from earlier life has brought salvation,
Thank you Jesus, the élite rejoice,
For the battle is well over and the victory regained,
For we are his children now and forever once again