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The Cockroach Anthem

29 Aug

Marching are the outlaws of kitchen,
Some black, some dark brown, some still ugly with black and white,
They march throughout, purpose they know well,
Some to attack tcche freshly cooked, some to spoil the fruits

They eat and eat till their bellyful,
No one dares to attack us they say in pride,
From one vessel to another they crawl in merry ride,
whoa we the cockroaches of kitcheny

Children and Adults they move in groups,
To create ruckus with their allergies plentiful,
Spreading diseases bountiful,
To poor Humans handful

Baygon and Pif Paf they tried it all,
To get rid of us from earthly heaven,
But we survive and we rule,
The kitchens of Human bulls

A Christian Song

1 Aug

In a world full of sorrow and pain,jesus-christ-wallpaper
Of issues and troubles,
Of conflicts and miseries,
Peace seems to be the solution,
Patience seems to be lacking,
Greed is on the rise,
Virtues have been long forgotten,
Immodesty seems to be the new norm

I come to give you peace saith he,
Abide in me and you will find peace proved he,
Fear not for I have overcome the world showed he,
Oh sweet and loving Saviour of all,
It`s a privilege to be your child,
For you are sweet and faithful

Till whence shall we go Lord and how far,
You are our everything and source of our joy,
There is nothing as sweet as doing your will,
For it guarantees our eternal home,
Where there shall be no more tears but joy forever,
For Goodness shall overflow all fears and desires of the flesh

For my Fathers house has many rooms saith he,
Those who love me till the end shall win proved he,
Hold on your faith, never give up,
As it won`t rain forever though it be stormy now,
For by faith and good works we move towards our salvation,
Till one day in front of God Almighty we stay