Archive | January, 2015

The Victorious

31 Jan

His face is pale,
It lacks any sign of gain,
Full of agony and pain,
Jesus FaceHe lays hanged on the cross so plain

What was His crime the onlooker ask,
Was he a murderer or robber?
Why so many mourn for him?
Who is that Lady crying beneath him

He utters his last words leaving his breath,
Three days later he is seen again,
His face is radiant and full of gain,
The wounds exist but no pain

The battle is won, victory regained,
Look at the clouds he comes again,
To be King of all Mankind once again,
Alleluia, Alleluia he comes again

Sea of Clouds

4 Jan

Sea of Clouds around, Sea of Clouds,clouds
Some white, Some grey, Some still alluring with silver and grey,
Some still, some moving, some seem to be floating,
Many shapes and sizes are they, some like a mountain and others like a valley

Travellers on the plane acclaim this carnival of clouds,
Some wish they could play on this high ground of celestial peace,
Some click pictures of different shapes and shades,
All admiring the splendid grandeur of clouds

Here they are and there they go,
Like mountains moving in the high sky,
Infinite is their stretch,
Its sea of clouds all around

Many have grown indifferent to the nature beyond,
Though it attracts all, only some round,
Wounded nature calls all to be sound,
For it helps us to be around