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Let They Prove It

29 Nov

Let they prove you didn’t rise from dead,
Let they prove you didn’t rose Lazarus from dead,
Let they prove you didn’t feed five thousand men with five loaves and two fish,
Let they prove you didn’t turn water to wine at Cana

Let they prove you didn’t give vision to the blind,
Let they prove you didn’t cure the lepers,
Let they prove you didn’t  mend dumb,
Let they prove you didn’t heal the paralytic.

Let they prove you didn’t appear to the apostles,
Let they prove the mystery behind your empty tomb,
Let they prove you were not taken in body and soul to heaven,
Let they prove you are not Son of the Living God

To whom shall we go Lord you have the words of eternal life,
You are our only hope, the Son of the Living God,
On whose name every creature in heaven and Earth shall fall on their knees,
And every tongue shall confess that Jesus is the true God

No Lasting City

1 Nov

No Lasting City is this world,
With its troubles and fears,
All will pass and the day is near,
We are the actors of life`s play,
One day its curtain it shall lay.

Fantasies and aspirations will disappear like a dew,
Troubles and trials will appear renew,
Man will be judged by his morality and virtue,
The monetary pleasures gets no value,
At the throne of the Divine Judge Where we shall all Queue.

Thousand years are like a drop of dew,
All is yesterday and today is at due,
Life is short make most of it ever new,
Like stars that seem to merge in the distant view,
Our worldly achievements and monuments all few.

Friends, relatives and comrades all shall go at times call,
Wife, Children and Loved ones all forgotten,
Our Spirit is the only matter that shall subsist,
Integrity of our being is all that shall persist,
Lets start our life for that eternal home where we shall all as angels exists.