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Army of Pigeons

30 Aug

Army of Pigeons on a building,
Positioned themselves on each window rack,
Some white, some dark-grey,
Some Spotted with white dots,
Some beautiful with pink and grey.



We are here they babble,
By their sound Coo-Coo,
Warning everyone

of their presence,
Some sharpening their beaks,
Some cleansing their wings.

Here they go,there they Land,
Coo-Coo, all along they sing,
Guarding their territory from infiltrators,
Laughing Doves, Mynas and Doves all afar,
Admiring the solidarity of their brethren

They feed on rice put forth by an Indian,
Together they fly and attack their due,
Munching merely on good grains,
Driving away the little sparrows trying to sneak,
Truly an Army of pigeons the onlookers acclaim

Love an ultimate feeling

16 Aug

It’s a wonderful feeling, to be in Love and to be Loved,Couple
Far better than the carnal attractions of the flesh,
Far better than any desires of the heart,
Far better than worldly glories,
Far better than any pleasures.

The Creator of Love himself is eternal,
He is the goal of all hearts that are in Love,
He is the confidence of all those wish for Love,
He is the treasure of all those who wish to be in Love.

Love is an art, a concept beyond imagination,
Subject of many poets, content for many playwrights,
Fascination of many thinkers,
Theme of infinite movies.

Love is the sole reason for which He was crucified,
Love is the sole reason for human existence,
Love is the sole reason for eternal covenant,
Love is the sole reason for human progress.

Love is the bond between parents and children,
Love is the union between Husband and wife,
Love is the force that governs the world,
Love is the power that controls all beasts.

I call you friends said he,
There is no greater Love than a man dying for he`s friend proved he,
Oh Divine Master full of Love,
Praise and Glory to you forever and ever.

To A Desert City

9 Aug

Oh Dubai, beautiful Dubai,
The largest, the tallest, the twisted in your team,
So many a talent working round the clock for you,

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

countless labourers building you everyday.

So peaceful a city in a desert unknown,
Countless luxuries on your road,
The metro, the tram, the bus, the taxi,
All add up to your beauty.

Such a celestial beauty during the night,
With flood of lights everywhere,
On the largest, the tallest, the twisted,
Millions taking care of you round the clock.

Even bitter enemies sleep in peace,
Multilingual, Multireligious all as one,
Living in the city of hope,
Where everyday is an oppurtunity,
Oh Dubai, beautiful Dubai

An expat`s Poem

2 Aug

Oh chirping birds,

So Lovely are your sounds,

Blissful experience for all who hear,



In a city unknown.


Seldom have I passed away ignoring your tones,

The tones no musician can produce,

Pleasant feast to all who feel your strength,

That much-needed strength to soul so weak


You sing to everyone without fare,

Reminding us life is beautiful as its creator,

Not to be tensed, not to worry,

But to be joyful every day.