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College Life

28 Mar

By Lona Jenevieve

(Lovely perspective from an incumbent Engineer)

College life was the best part of my education life. Got so1468778_369967426481191_916831637_nme of my best friends for life. First time staying out of home , in a hostel for 4 years, being with my friends al the time. Little exited… little nervous.

I remember leaving home with my mom and with all my luggage in the afternoon Reached the gate of the college hostel, met the warden. She showed me my room. Nice small room with 2 cupboards, 2 beds, 2 tables and 2 chairs. My roommate had not yet come. Mom left after talking to the warden. Droped mom till the gate and came back.Started unpacking slowly.

After some time went out around the campus. Made some friends Jennifer, Disha and Sneha.Came back, had dinner,called mom once she reached home. Then kept everything ready for the next day… first day in engineering college!.. and slept.

Next day got up when someone knocked on my door. Got up and opened the door. Saw my roommate Shareen.

First year of engineering was exiting and full of enjoyment. Made so many friends both at college and at hostel, hostel food, hour-long lectures, mechanical workshop, blue books, many. many internals, practical, hostel day and college day celebration, computer science fest, semester. Wonderful and unique experience and memories.

Second year…we started the computer specific studies…the computer labs, memorizing the programs, learning about computer parts and their functions,making even more friends, getting o know them better,studying and enjoying, coming home every Saturday and going back early morning on Monday, completing records on time it was fun.

third year of engineering..toughest year of studying… theory subjects was tough to remember.. mini project.. first time coded small program on my own… hostel life too was fun… staying with different people.. full night study just before the exams.. staying late in labs to practice programs.. secretly helping others in tests..gossiping about others… organizing the fests..collecting funds for it… was so much fun…

Last year was the best… last year.. being seniors.. that feeling itself was so good… got selected in Infosys…my first job… Fina¬†year project… bunking classes… theaters.. dint wanted the days to go..late night gossips… small fights… what fun…

In short… the last 4 years of my student life…the best years of my student life… got friends for life.. the experience… the fun… no worries… except that to pass in the semesters… playing small tricks on other…wish those days comes back.