Unity Among Diversity

7 Nov

By Prajapathi Bhat

I was just analysing the unity among Keralites as i live in a location whereKathakali majority of them are from Kerala. They speak the same language irrespective of caste, creed or religion i.e Malayalam. No matter how popular or how eminent the person may be, whether based in Canada, Dubai or US Keralites still love their language. Infact in the place where i work the top bosses speak in Malayalam with you if you are a Keralite. Unlike Most of the Indian states which have their own local dialects/languages Kerala boasts of unique heritage and culture

Commnunal Harmony: Incidents that happened in Gujrat or Mangalore regarding communal violence will rarely happen in Kerala as the roots of commnunalism will rarely find a reason to break their unity. Hence we find the popular communal party in India has not been able to secure a single position either in National or State election till now. Anyways this episode of communal harmony should be a modal to rest of Indians.

As i hail from Karnataka where most religions/regions have its own dialect/language i.e Kannada, Konkani, Tulu, Kodava Takk, Beary. Having so many languages become easy for communal forces and groups with diverse interest to hit the soft belly of National Integration. It is a agreed fact that both Karnataka and Kerala form part of India which is pluralistic, multilingual and multiethnic society. But lets not forget that Kerala is the most Socialy Progressive State in India

Literacy: Kerala has India`s highest literacy rate 99%. Access to Primary and Secondary education is available within 1 km for 96% of the population. It is the only state to have banking facility in every village. Also it is the least corrupt state in India!

Tourirsm: Kerala toursim is booming particulary after the Kerala GovernmentThrissur Pooram Tourism Initiative ‘Kerala-God`s own country’. The tagline God`s own country has become synonym with Kerala these days. It has varied demographics and is namedĀ as “One of the ten paradises in the world” by National Geographic `s Traveller magazine. Hill stations include Munnar, Wayanad, Waga, Ponmudi and abundant wildlife sanctuaries at Periyar, Eravikulam. The backwaters, Boat Race and Heritage sites is quite popular among tourists. Also Thrissur Pooram with its display of elephants is another tourist attraction. Also Sabarimala attracts thousands of devotees all around India

Economy: Virtually all of Kerala is connected by roads. The Kerala Gulf boom is
snake boat race well-known and equals to majority of remittances to state. Kerala boasts of 3 international airports Thiruvananthapuram, Kochi and Kozhikode. The Cochin international airport is the first indian airport to be incorporated as a public limited company. Kerala’s rate of population growth is India’s lowest. Kerala has the highest life expectancy in the country which is nearly 75 years and 78 years respectively for males and females. Also male to female ratio is significantly higher than the rest of india.

Sports: Kerala contribution to sports apart from cricket is notable.
P.T.Usha(athlete), Shiny Wilson(athlete), K.M.Beenamol(athlete), M. D. Valsamma(athlete), Anju Bobby George(long jump) and Suresh Babu(long jump). Jimmy George was an eminent Volleyball player, rated in his prime as among the world`s ten best players.

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