Hi, are you busy?

23 Dec

Tommy sent a message to Roxy via an IRC using the words above. Whenever we call up our friends, relatives most of them ask the same question than ‘How are you?’ Does busy mean ‘Be under Satan’s Yolk’? Most of us today have grown indifferent to Human Relations and Nature.

Most of the people around the world are going under depression or blues as we have forgotten to enjoy the Natural beauty around us. Pets at home, animals around our homes, beautiful flowers, sunshine and the moon are not visible to us are we are too busy? Most of the psychological counselors suggest us to own a pet or get in touch with nature which will solve most of the depressed and monotonous thought pattern. It’s really appalling that the above suggestions were the basic part of human life some 50 years ago!

West toxication, Sex glamorization and Lust lunacy has killed us spiritually. We have all growing up in spiritual poverty day by day. Though Modernization and technology advancement is bringing real joy to humanity by solving most of the intimate problems and hardships that our ancestors suffered, it’s been misused enormously by us to exploit nature and human instinct. People have begun to worship money and sex as the final God.

Prayer, Ethics and Virtues are the only things that can keep us really happy and rest all follows. Though being busy is not wrong and is necessary sometimes, taking break from your busy schedule is also important. After all life is meant to be enjoyed, though suffering is also an inevitable part of it!

You can also find living examples of people who found real happiness in simple things. Google about Karl Rabeder, Austrian Millionaire and find what changed him.

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