Hindutva will never succed in INDIA

2 Feb

I want to express our strongest condemnation of the Hindutva attackers in Orissa & Karnataka and pledge our unconditional support to our Christian brethren that are being persecuted in India.

1947 was not the end of the freedom struggle in India, but the beginning of the end of dividing India on the basis of religion, caste, language, and creed.

As long as the spirit of Gandhi and Nehru live in the hearts of Indians, ALL INDIANS WILL REJECT HINDUTVA as a TALIBAN ideology filled with HATRED.

As Indians, we reject the VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal, Ram Sena with the same vigor that we reject all terrorist organizations in this world.

India never was, never is and never will be a Hindu nation.

India is for ALL Indians, be they Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or Sikh

India’s strength is in its diversity and we will not allow the RSS to divide India once again on the basis of religion.

We say NO, To all who believe violence will triumph over peace.

We say NO, To all who want to rape our nuns and behead our priests.

We say NO, To all who want to impose Hindutva on us.

We say NO, To all who want to make India a Hindu nation.

We say NO, To all who want to create a fascist Aryan nation out of India.

We say NO, To all who want to Talibanize India.

We say NO, To all who call for Hindu Jihad.

We say NO, To all who want to oppress Indians based on Caste.

We say NO, To all who want to divide India as Hindu, Muslim, Christian.

NO, NO, NO, NO. We will NOT allow HINDUTVA to prevail in Free India. NEVER.

We will ALL stand up for freedom and liberty as all men are created equal.

We shall overcome Hindutva ideology the same way we shall overcome all forms of fascism

We shall overcome RSS, VHP, Bajrang Dal, Shiv Sena, Ram Sena the same way we overcame the Nazi’s

We shall prosecute the Hindutva terrorists the same way we prosecute the Al Qaeda terrorists.

We shall overcome Evil with Good, just as Jesus prayed for his killers.

We shall overcome Radical Hindu Caste & Race Ideologies by embracing people of all races in a United & Diverse India.

We vehemently DISAGREE with Hindutva ideology and reject its imposition on us.

The LEADERS of Hindutva were all failures in India’s freedom struggle and will continue to be failures in Free India.

To the fascist Hindutva leaders, we say,

“You are as misguided as the fascist people that you lead.

Do you think that Indians are NOT smart enough to choose their own faith?

Do NOT insult Indians by saying that you will decide our faith for us.”

God Bless India.

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