George`ji Uncle and his sons

26 Sep

Adding ji to a name is a common practice in most Indian languages. This story is about George uncle or George`ji uncle. He had the usual South Indian mustache and dark complexion. He had two sons Frodo and Bilbo(I know, I took it from Tolkien’s books!). Both were not good at studies. George`ji uncle worked as a laborer in a popular Gulf city. He used to get 3 months holidays every 2 years. He always wanted his sons to study well and not end up being a laborer in a Gulf City but his sons disliked his discipline and were more interested in play than study.

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Years passed by and Bilbo was in his 10th grade, an important juncture in a student`s life. Bilbo as usual neglected his studies and was more into other social activities. He failed to get the passing marks, this made George`ji uncle very sad but still he had hopes on his son. He made him rewrite the exam but to no avail. Finally he made him do an auto mechanic course which had good scope in gulf during those days. Bilbo happily joined the mechanic course but soon discovered that it demanded a lot of physical stamina. Bilbo had no option but to pursue this else he would have to try to pass 10th grade. He decided to pursue it anyways at the same time being rueful of not clearing the 10th grade. Bilbo finished his training and ended up getting a low paying job in the same Gulf city his father worked.

Years passed by and Frodo too was in his 10th grade. Unlike his brother Bilbo, Frodo managed to clear the 10th grade particularly aware of the consequences otherwise. This made George`ji happy and he enrolled him into a good college. Frodo did well there too and completed his graduation in the same college in Business Administration. Frodo had one problem though, he never really understood what he learnt, he just by-hearted the entire chapters and managed to get the passing marks. This made him totally unfit for the job market in his area of niche. Georg`ji uncle learnt of this and was unhappy again. Frodo couldn`t speak English well, hence he ended up as sales person in a Book shop where he was asked to clean the shop toilets too.

Years passed by and Georg`ji uncle hit retirement age and could no longer carry on working in his current job. He resigned for good. Back home whenever he used to think of his sons his temper would flare and he would shout at Frodo and over phone to Bilbo. Gradually like most Indian men he was diagnosed with heart disease. Doctors suggested him an bypass surgery. Unfortunately Georg`ji did not live long, his bypass surgery was a failure and he succumbed to death. This made Frodo and Bilbo anxious, both knew what their father wanted of them. Frodo finally got a job in another Gulf city in an multinational company and Bilbo somehow managed to change his job. Frodo grew rich and mastered the art of living. He married a beautiful educated women from his neighborhood, similarly Bilbo too changed his job and he too got married.

Years passed by now both of Georg`ji uncles son were doing good. What uncle couldn’t achieve when he was alive he did it through his death. Pride of life and lust of eyes took hold of Frodo and he slowly grew to be an arrogant person. He in particular forgot the people who helped him grow. Bilbo remained humble and had the same sober attitude whenever he came to his home town on holidays. Frodo`s arrogance became increasingly irritating to his friends and neighbors. His recluse out of Pride whenever he visited people back home made his neighbors dislike him. Then suddenly the Global pandemic struck, Frodo lost his job. His richness, pride and lust couldn’t help him now. He underwent depression and hung himself up!

I became just another Mohan!

12 Sep

Mohan is a common Indian name used by all three major religions in India. This story is not about all Mohan`s but about the Mohan I admire personally and sometimes, well sometimes do envy.

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My Mohan happens to be from the western coast of India and is working in a famous Gulf City. Like so many Indians from west coast he ended up in Gulf to earn his lively bread. The Gulf city which Mohan choose was not a happening place as it is now, but it promised a bright future with a good income. Mohan worked hard day and night in an advertising firm as a photoshop guy – well you find many Indians as well Pakistanis in this profession across gulf cities.

I happened to come across Mohan on the second job of my career and my first one in Gulf. It was a vibrant city and a luxurious office. Mohan has already finished 3 decades of service when I joined.

It was on Deepavali eve, a famous festival for Indians across all religions in India. As I was about to leave my office signing off for the day, I saw Mohan, still on his seat doing the work he loved. Mohan always left office late, so I just ignored and went home.

Next day morning I happened to see Mohan seated with the same shirt and trouser. Curious I enquired whether he had worked all night. ‘Yes’ he replied, he had a deadline and had to finish it by morning and that he was calling it off today to catch up on some sleep. I appreciated his commitment to work and moved on with my work for the day.

Mohan always used to sync himself with the latest and newest updates in his field. Every morning he spent at least an hour learning new things on YouTube. He was already in his fifties but his passion to keep up was amazing.

We used to chat about the happenings back in India and the nostalgia about our west coast towns and villages. Many people had come and gone in this company, some got promoted and others left when they got the promotion. Our Mohan, like a rock, kept moving basically in the same position for another decade with technically not much increments and bonus. I remember another incident when he was assigned a job at 7pm and he willingly accepted it and did a 24hr shift to finish the job.

Like many people in the Gulf, Mohan’s kids did their primary education here and then moved to India for higher studies. Mohan had invested on some flats in one of the crowded Indian cities to live after retirement and earned a side income by renting them while working here.

Time moved on and Mohan crossed 60 while I finished a decade in Gulf. As he was planning his retirement a universal pandemic stuck this gulf city too. Many businesses got shut down, many lost their income. Mohan, just like any senior in an enterprise, thought he would be safe, but in the turn of events he too was fired.

It was a shock not only for those who worked with him but even for him and he couldn’t digest it for a while. He called me to say a fond adieu. As he finished the call, I thought to myself, ‘was all this effort worth it?’

To a Cat

8 Nov

Sleeping on a couch of cement,
Dreaming of things yet to ferment,
Unaware of the metro commuters,
Lost, totally lost in his own world

Doesn`t show any signs of waking,
The weary onlookers envy it,
The easy go ones love it,
But nothing ever seems to bother it

Drenched by life`s struggle,
Tossed by waves of enviousness,
The sleeping cat is a bliss to all,
A picture of eternal repose

Nature is beautiful and to be loved,
Like the cat, let nothing disturb you,
Fully being patient,
Till in heaven, we meet

Ode to Death

21 Sep

How beautiful is your thought,
How wonderful your existence,
You eliminate pride and wickedness,
You make everybody respect the power divine

Kill all worries in me,
Remind me to be joyful always,
Make me strong and hopeful,
Forever mindful of the glory in heaven

You make even Atheists accept God,
You kill regrets and extinguish hatred,
You fill us with light of life ahead,
All humans are my brothers and sisters

Come conquer me completely with your power,
Never again let me ignore thee,
Make me loyal to my commitments,
Till we meet one day to pass into eternity

To Goodness

12 Jul

Goodness, how powerful thou art,
Thou heal the sick, rejuvenate the meek,
In thee, the righteous rejoice,
The scrupulous get peace of mind

In thee, all evil instincts get erased,
Thou fill us with patience to suffer,
Through thee, there is joy in troubles,
Lust and fear seem mere to conquer

Anxiousness flies from us when thou art near,
Focusing on thee our heart dances,
Anger banished and love increased,
Abuse and swearing all healed

Filthy promptings no more resound,
Stress and strain a mere thing,
Pressures went and forgotten,
Till in heaven, we meet


24 Jun

Beautiful Lady, what`s your role in my life,
Why do you Love me so lively,
Should I love you too or indulge in heresy,
I choose to love you and venerate you

How can I reject my own Mother,
Hasn`t he said ‘women this your son…’,
One God followers venerate her, so do of many Gods,
I love you beautiful Lady my Mother

When you are near, Lust has no power,
Nor has blasphemy and illness,
With such privileges why should I ditch you,
You are my Mother, just as you were of the Lord

Troubles and hardships come and go,
Failures and weakness will remain,
Through your intercession, all is well,
Till  on this bark of life the turbulent seas we cross

To a Sparrow

12 May

SparrowAmong the bush, I see a little dweller,
Cute and lovely looks of old world settler,
Small constitution but smart execution,
Oh, Sparrow, we all love you

On the grass beneath you hop your way,
Left and right you look with gay,
You stop and give a high-pitched chirp,
That melodious short chirp we all love

Scavenging for food around with your tiny beak,
From small insects to virtually anything you eat quick,
You have transformed yourself from a seed-eater,
But nevermind, still we love you

A lot of solaces we do get by your looks,
By your cute actions, we are hooked,
Lost in this world are we,
But you remind us that life is still lovely

Heaven on Earth

31 Mar

bird pattern colorful green

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There is beautiful greenery all around,
Everywhere the Sun shines vibrantly,|
Oh, I feel like paragliding, I feel like dancing,
This utopia is exactly where I want to be

Troubles and hardships come and go,
Temptations and arrogance dies in no time,
I stick to Lord and this world becomes a Utopia in no time,
Why should I worry or fear, My Lord protects me from Lust

nature bird love heart

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Sin has no power over me, it`s dead and gone,
Fear has no power over me as there is nothing to be feared,
I see the flowers and the animals all beautiful and all pleasure,
Oh in this land from heaven I live



There is music all around, there is joy undefined,
I love it more, more than anybody can define,
Oh among this pleasures from Heaven I live,
Thank you, Lord a hundred time, till in Heaven we meet.

The Hobbit- A Common Man`s Review

21 Mar

By Prajapati Bhat
I recently finished reading ‘The Hobbit’ one of John Ronald Reuel Tolkien`s best selling Fantasy Book. As of most of you know it is the prelude to ‘Lord of the Rings’ series. Regarded as Father of High Fantasy, J.R.R.Tolkien`s Hobbit is indeed a timeless classic. One would really want to know the motivation of this Oxford professor to write it. As you read more about Tolkien you discover another great literary figure who happens to be his close friend i.e. C.S.Lewis. Though I didn`t read any of his books till date; I have watched ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ movies. Whenever one watches them you feel a sense of sublime beauty and tranquillity.

Now back to Hobbit; it was written at a time when people where living a monotonous lifestyle partly due to industrialization and urbanization. With the rising Scientism, fantasy had almost died until another great figure by the name George McDonald revived it with his books. Inspired by McDonald, Lewis Carrol started writing Fantasy books. Both C.J.Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien were inspired by McDonald.

How does Hobbit appeal to a common man? Just like a common man Bilbo Baggins, the Hobbit too lived a simple life till the desire for adventure encompassed him. Helped by Gandalf, the wizard Bilbo begins his quest first making friends with the Dwarfs, then Elves and Beorn. Once he reaches the Dragon den he comes to trust in his abilities and believes something great was awaiting him. In spite of all the difficulties with that of Gollum, the Goblins and Smaug the dragon he finally finishes the mission he had started and reaches Bag end safely.

Bite the bullet? Bilbo`s meeting with Gollum and finding of the ring was no accident. The rings wanted a new owner and it found Bilbo. Fortune favours the bold. When we do the task we are assigned with dedication and smartness; God somehow blesses us with favours and surprises. The ring helped Bilbo escape from the Goblins.

Worldly attachments to be avoided? we shouldn`t be attached to material things in this world. Material things are not an end in themselves but when something turns out to be addiction then danger comes near. The ring thought helped Biblo greatly, he slowly became attached to it as seen in the last chapter of the book. Our focus should always be doing the task we assigned to rather than that car, that dress, that friend, that child, that job, that bank balance, the list goes on.


To a Cattle Egret

1 Jul

Yellow hood and white body,
No glamour but true beauty,
You help of the farmers,
Refuge of the Cattle, blessed be thou.

You cleanse the Cattle from leeches,
They owe thee a lot, but unable to say cheers,
You understand their plight and come to their assistance,
You help keep up the ecological balance

Oh, Egret you teach us a lot,
To help others without recognition,
To love without expectations,
Bend beneath all till death

Sometimes filled with bitterness and temptation,
I go astray, the momentary pleasure I indulge,
You inspire me to do best at all times,
Till in heaven, we find repose at the end